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Plastic Bottles To Ropes

Sustainable metamorphosis, now in the UAE

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Premium Quality

First of its kind eco-friendly ropes. We need you to be successful with our products, so we never compromise on quality. Each rope is hand-checked before it leaves.

Worldwide shipping

We may never meet in person. But let us greet you with honest products, from an honest company.

Length Promise

When we say it’s 50 meter, it will be, if not more. No tricks with braiding, no short-cuts (literally)!

24/7 support

Tell us what you need and we’ll find a way. It’s about you.

At Vivens, we are extremely conscious of our carbon output and believe creating innovative recycled PET ropes is a step in the right direction. While we cannot single-handedly overturn the climate crisis, we are on a mission to become an increasingly green organization with as little waste output as possible, constantly optimizing our production process to improve our sustainability standards day by day. Our products go through a rigorous post-production inspection by our in-house factory line workers who put their heart and soul into their work, to bring our customers exceptional recycled PET ropes using world-class fiber extrusion techniques. We believe we have a duty to reuse and recycle – and Vivens sets out to achieve this day in, day out.


Our world-class PET ropes are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, comprised of high quality and heat-resistant PET fibers that can be stretched to the optimal fiber strength, with premium durability for nautical, agricultural, construction, shipping, packaging, and offshore purposes.

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We craft recycled PET ropes in sizes ranging between 40M to 100M. We have spent more than 5 years in research and development collecting data from our end consumers across 3 continents, discovering that 40M, 50M and 100M are the most in-demand lengths for our customers – being small enough to transport and long enough for maximum coverage.

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We take every possible step to make our production process sustainable from end to end. From sourcing to packaging, our commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle lies at the heart of everything we do.

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No Excess Packaging

When we say sustainable ropes, we mean it. We try to make them as eco-friendly as possible. That’s why we don’t slap on plastic or paper labels, wrap the ropes with plastic films or use any supporting inserts. These materials are to date not recyclable so we will not add them while claiming to be committed to a sustainable practice. We have crafted our packaging technique to ensure the entirety of the piece comes from 100% recycled material and can be recycled by us.

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Hassle-free Pricing

We aim to create honest products and operate as an honest company. That’s why we won’t trick you by quoting you prices using confusing units of measure. As end-consumers and resellers use ropes intuitively by its length, we offer you transparent prices piece by piece, with clear length options in meters. We will not quote you in Kilos to confuse you and then maneuver the braiding to save material. Our braiding is always consistent. What you see is what you pay for and what you will get. You know exactly what and how much you’ve purchased and how many meters you are selling to your clients.

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