World’s First 100% Recycled PET Ropes
16MM 100M Recycled PET Rope
16MM 100M Recycled PET Rope For sale
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16MM 100M Recycled PET Rope - Recycled Rope for Sale

Vivens bottle-to-fiber recycled polyester ropes are crafted in our factory in the heart of Dubaiand Addis Ababa. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, our ropes are stronger than traditional HDPE and PE ropes that support heavy load, enhanced pressure and extended UV exposure.

In 100M length and 16MM thickness for super-premium strength, little to no stretch and excellent abrasion resistance, in red, green, yellow and blue. Our recycled polyester ropes feature no loose braiding or excess packaging to cut down on as much waste as possible. A purchase of a Vivens PET rope is a pledge to a sustainable future with the reuse of raw

When you purchase a rope with Vivens, your end consumers are guaranteed to be pleased with their recycled PET ropes. We focus on maximizing your customer’s value as opposed to our own profit, which is why we refuse to take shortcuts and compromise on the quality of our work.

 100% Recycled
 Length: 100M
 Thickness: 16MM
 Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue

"If your rope has a length shortage in excess of 5M, get in touch with us right away."

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