Rope Safety Info

Rope Safety Info


While we would be more than happy to give general advice and information on our products, due to variations in rope applications, rope conditions, environmental factors and the degree of risk to life or property damage, it is not realistic to make specific recommendations as to the exact loads any given rope can handle.

The dynamic load on the rope during most user situations outside of the ideal conditions in the laboratory varies greatly depending on the movement, humidity, temperature and all other external factors. A rope with an advertised “break strength” will not be guaranteed to hold that amount of weight in the specific user situation that consumers find themselves in. Ropes are generally tested under extremely controlled conditions in the laboratory, all of which cannot be realistically replicated in practical user-situations. That is why we cannot recommend with regards to the exact load a product is going to handle in any given user situation.

It is the users' responsibility to completely understand the safe use and operation of a rope used for any specific or general task. The user needs to be aware of all environmental, load or other variable factors that affect the safe use of rope. Failure to do so can cause severe personal injury or death as well as property and/or environmental damage. The user of this rope assumes all such risks. In addition, any safety training or skill training required for the safe use of rope in any capacity is the sole responsibility of the user.

All sales are final. We offer exchange if ropes are defective, or short of designated length by more than 5 meters. Used ropes, unravelled ropes cannot be accepted for exchange . Please note that we cannot accept any request for exchange if the rope has been uncoiled, except in the case of length shortage. In the case of length shortage, kindly take visual evidence of the defective product as soon as possible and email them to We will contact you to return the defective rope and send out a new one. Return shipping will be covered by the buyer if he/she is located outside of the UAE and decides to apply for an exchange. For significant defects that impact the function and usage of the product, refund will be reviewed on a case by case basis.