World’s First 100% Recycled PET Ropes


VIVENS FZ-LLC crafts premium-quality polyester ropes made from 100% recycled PET. Based in the UAE, we are a plastic recycling company that has spent years in research and development sourcing and creating ropes using post-consumer products fused with state-of-the-art technology, ethical practices, and fully-sustainable materials.

We’re not your standard rope manufacturer. We pride ourselves as a conscious business that takes care to protect the planet from the ever-growing plastic pollution crisis, one rope at a time. Our range of recycled polyester ropes are manufactured with quality and craftsmanship, to bring our customers innovative products built to last.

We have developed our very own fiber extrusion technology using machine technology backed by six years of raw data from real daily production to create the world’s first waste bottle to rope machine line. Our range of commercially successful polyester ropes are made from impeccable fibers with enhanced strength, natural rigidity, and retained elasticity using eco-friendly techniques.

The plastic bottle recycling allows all the recyclers, who are in the market of plastic recycling all kinds of materials such as plastic, glass, metals and many, to place their plastic waste to the organisation.